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A Message from the Producer, Owner, and Artistic Director

Carmela Wolosz Star Royale Theatre

Carmela Wolosz

Welcome theatre lovers to STAR ROYALE THEATRE, a community-based theatre company dedicated to providing high-quality theatre entertainment and education.  Broadway plays, grand musicals, musical reviews, youth performances, education, summer camps and a beautiful venue for new works and artists will be at the heart and soul of every Star Royale Theatre Experience.  Combining 20-plus years of experience producing high-quality performances as the founders of Rhino Theatre, myself and my husband Dr. Kenneth Wolosz as Star Royale owners, will venture to continue to raise the bar once again for the enjoyment and delight of audiences of all ages, while providing performers with a professional environment and opportunities to do what they love.  With open arms, we welcome you to join the Star Royale family of audience members, performers, production staff, technical staff, and beloved volunteers and donors. 

Let's make theatre magic together.   Come join us!


Dinner and Show Packages Star Royale Theatre
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